Veteran's Benefits

At Santa Cruz Watsonville Cremation & Burial, it is our privilege to help you celebrate the unique life of a true American hero…your U.S. Veteran.

In honor and respect of your Veteran’s service, we are proud to offer:

  • Assistance with completing military paperwork.
  • Providing an American Flag for services rendered to our country.
  • A selection of patriotic merchandise which honors your Veteran. 

We also offer pre-paid arrangements for Veterans honorably discharged, $100 savings with a FREE consultation with our Family Service Consultant who will easily guide the Veteran through the process of a Cremation arrangement and how to protect themselves from costly funeral charges. Along with these benefits:

  • What does the military pay?
  • Who files the Veteran paperwork?
  • Why use a Cremation Service?
  • What if your Discharge paper was lost?
  • What type of permanent memorial does the VA allow and supply?

Our Veterans deserve the best expression of our gratitude. At Right Choice Cremation, we’re here to help provide a fitting tribute to those who sacrificed so much for our freedom. Their service made a difference to our country, so we know how important it is to celebrate their life and accomplishments in a memorable and honorable way.

Veteran's Benefit Forms


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